Hollywood Waxing Liverpool

Hollywood waxing Liverpool

Looking for Hollywood waxing Liverpool? At Infinity Beauty Salon we use Lycon hot wax for all our intimate waxing treatments.

Lycon Precision Wax contains natural and soothing ingredients leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth. Lycon pre- and post-oils and lotions together with expertly trained Lycon Therapists we guarantee a professional waxing treatment every time.  Used at a lower working temperatures, Lycon hot wax is excellent for treating the most delicate of areas, including intimate waxing, without causing discomfort or irritation.

Hollywood waxing Liverpool Infinity Beauty Salon removes all hair from the bikini area and buttocks.

Intimate Wax

Intimate waxing at Infinity Beauty Salon Liverpool is provided by fully qualified, experienced experts.  All intimate waxing treatments is undertaken using Lycon hot wax and Lycojet. We never double dip our spatulas ensuring a extremely hygienic treatment for our clients.

It”s important that clients follow our pre and post waxing advice to ensure you get the best result possible.  If you would like further advice please contact us, we are happy to answer your concerns.

Homecare products

Lycon Ingrown Hair Fixes can be used to effectively treat and reduce the appearance of ingrown hairs. The Ingrown-X-it range is also suitable for those prone to breakouts, acne and redness.
Lycon Ingrown Hair Fixes are available at Infinity Beauty Salon Liverpool.  There are a choice of a spray, cream, exfoliator, mitts and wipes to chose from.

Hair Removal

Various methods of hair removal is available; shaving, strip wax, hot wax. sugaring, laser and depilatory cream. At Infinity Beauty Salon Liverpool our chosen method is Lycon hot wax.

Infinity Beauty Salon

Infinity Beauty Salon is located in Liverpool City Centre.  Established in 1998, we offer a range of high quality treatments  by fully qualified, experienced beauticians.  Our aim is to ensure you feel comfortable whilst your are having your intimate wax.

We look forward to seeing you in our salon.


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