Spray Tanning Liverpool

No matter what your colouring, your style, which part of Liverpool you come from, or what age you are, a healthy summer glow can help you to look and feel healthier, look better rested, and sun kissed. People of both sexes, often try to gain a good tan for a special occasion. There are other options though that using a sun bed. Spray Tanning is also recommended. However we are not talking about the sort of spray tan you get in an automated tanning booth. Our beauty salon in Liverpool offers a more personalised approach with our tanning treatments.
The dangers of using tanning machines have been well documented. Excessive use of tanning machines and sun beds have been known to cause growths, severe damage to the skin, and in some cases even skin cancer. So how can you achieve a genuinely healthy glow without using sun beds? Spray Tanning can offer you all you need to achieve that sun kissed look, without the worry of skin damage and sun burn. If you have delicate skin, although you may look fantastic with a darker colour for your tan, you may find it hard to get the shade and depth of tan you want, without hitting the sun beds excessively and risking the problems already mentioned. Spray Tanning that can be offered in techniques better suited to you, so the shade and depth is tailor made to your personal choice, colouring and style, means it looks just as natural as a real tan. Liverpool has an extremely popular beauty parlour called Infinity, that can provide you with a beautiful choice of treatments that can give you the look your after, and give you that gorgeous pampered feeling that we all enjoy when visiting a beauty salon. 
So if now you’ve made your choice to avoid the sun beds and get a spray tan, what kind of spray tans can you get? At our beauty salon and treatment rooms in Liverpool there is plenty to choose from. When your customer base is as varied as ours, you make your treatments varied as well, giving each session spent in our salon, that tailor made, exclusive feel. Infinity, Liverpool has three different tanning solutions to choose from.
St Tropez Classic offers a tanning treatment that can be achieved in as little as 15 minutes, making it the perfect spray tan to have when you are short on time. It uses a Aromaguard technology that helps reduce the tell tale scent of a spray tan, meaning that, apart from your new healthy glow, no one later will know you have had a treatment. The Self Tan Express that Infinity, Liverpool offer, isn't the self applying tanning application that it sounds like, but rather, it gives you the choice of how dark it will be based on when you choose to shower. Our Xen-Tan is a full body spray tanning treatment that gives olive undertones that look natural and give a healthy glow.

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