Gift Sets

Guinot Take Back Time Gift Set

This collection of especially selected products gets to work quickly to revive and restore skin and help smooth fine lines. By combatting dryness and providing the skin with Hyaluronic Acid overall tone and radiance is instantly improved for a supple, glowing complexion.
Lait Hydra Beaute 100ml
Lotion Hydra Beaute 100ml
Crème Anti-Rides 50ml
Masque Anti-rides 15ml

£49.00 worth £77.37

Lock In Moisture

This collection of especially selected products gets to work quickly on dehydrated skin to help restore the skin’s protective barrier combatting that tight feeling, retaining optimum moisture levels for a supple, smoothed complexion.
Lait Hydra Fraicheur 100ml
Lotion Hydra Fraicheur 100ml
Crème Hydra Beaute 50ml
Masque Hydra Beaute 15ml

£49.00 worth £81.17

Guinot Complete Hydration Gift Set.

Moisturising essentials created to infuse dry winter skin with a much needed hydration boost. A collection created espescially to rehydrate and refresh to reveal a soft and supple complexion.
Lait Hydra Fraicheur (Cleanser for all skin types) 100ml
Lotion Hydra fraicheur 100ml (Toner for all skin types)
Gommage Biologique15ml (gentle exfoliant with natural fruit acids)
Creme Hydra Beaute 50ml (Moisturising cream for dehydrated skin)
Worth:£78.00 Our Price £49.00 (Saving 37%)

Guinot Complete Nourishment Gift Set.

Nourishing essentials combined to bring comfort to winter skin. A collection created especially to repair and restore to reveal a soft and supple complexion.
Lait Hydra Beaute 100ml ( cleanser for dry skin)
Lotion Hydra Beaute 100ml (Toner for dry skin)
Gommage Eclat Parfait 15ml (exfoliating cream with microparticles)
Creme Nutrition Confort 50ml (nourishing repair cream)
Worth £75.25 Our Price £49.00 (saving 35%)

Renewed Vitality

Renewed Vitality £135.00 (worth 208.75)  LIMITED STOCK

Unlock the ultimate luxurious Christmas treats that are sure to get you party ready!
Huile Mirific Gold(Nourishing dry body oil) 10ml 
Mini-Lift Eclat Beaute (Instant besizeauty flash) 2 ampoules
Crème Age Summum (Age Summum moisturiser) 50ml Full size


Winter Wonders £18.00 (worth 24.23)
A generous stocking filler containing with skincare saviours to keep your hands and body soft & supple this season.
Longue Vie Mains (multi-action hand cream) 15ml 
Lait Hydrazone Corps (Velvet Skin Body Lotion) 100ml


Cosmecology Bare Necesseties RRP £22 Includes

• Hydra body (Comforting Body Lotion) 200ml

Body Shower (Comforting Shower Gel) 300ml

Cosmecolgy Shower Puff

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