Herzog Facials Liverpool

Do you want flawless skin without the hassle? Thanks to our Karin Herzog facials right here in Liverpool, there is no reason to wait any longer. With the help of the decades-old techniques, we bring the Swiss made and designed services right to your front door. Whether it’s an Oxygen facial mixed with high-frequency waves or an anti-ageing one, we have your skincare needs covered.

Visit the website and check out the “Herzog Facials” section to learn more. Alternatively, call us on 0151 236 8545 to book an appointment. All of your problems can be a thing of the past with our range of expert treatments and advice.

What Makes Herzog Facials Special?

The answer is the man himself, Dr Paul Herzog. For years, he dedicated his life to a revolutionary form of skincare which would have instant and long-lasting results. Developed back in 1974, Herzog studied the impact of oxygen on the skin. Now, the treatments named after his wife Karin, are among some of the most effective and popular in the industry.

How It Works

We apply products which contain active oxygen. When the creams hit the skin, the O2 turns into a gas and buries deep into the pores. As a result, our Herzog facials right here in Liverpool provide a deep cleanse and bring skin back to life. There is nothing inorganic and unhealthy, just Dr Paul’s scientifically-proven methods at work.

Our Treatments

At the Infinity Beauty Salon, we offer a range of unique products and services.

Oxy - C Booster Facial - 45 minute - £63.00

A multi-vitamin and oxygen cocktail for your skin! An instantly rejuvenating treatment for tired skin with amazing results. Containing powerful hyaluronic acid serum, this facial is designed to fight signs of ageing while improving elasticity, firmness and texture by increasing hydration and overall volume of the skin. It provides an effective alternative to injectable fillers while the combination of the oxygen and hyaluronic acid serum boosts circulation and increase collagen production.

Anti-Aging Facial - 55 minute - £51.00

A luxurious hands-on hour-long treatment that uses the famous Karin Herzog oxygen and AHA skincare range that reveals a glowing, luminous complexion, while also achieving an instant lift. This anti-ageing effect is all thanks to the combination of oxygen and Vitamin A. It has even been dubbed the ‘facelift without lifting’ facial.

The Vitamin A renews and refreshes the skin by sloughing away dead skin cells, revealing a renewed and refreshed complexion. While the thermal setting mask warms the skin and when removed reveals an instant lift and a radiance that lasts even after you leave the salon.

Oxygen Facial - 55mins - £51.00

Karin Herzog’s signature facial, which can be enjoyed every 3-4 weeks. Using the world leader in oxygen skincare, this treatment is designed specifically to treat problematic skin. Deeply detoxifying and decongesting, the hour-long Oxygen facial is ideal for helping to rid the skin of blocked pores, helping to achieve a more luminous, clearer, and more balanced complexion.

These are just a taste so head to the website or call the Infinity Beauty Salon in Liverpool. Let’s face it – you deserve perfect skin!

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