Source de Purete

Sources de Purete

With the progress that has been made in cosmetic science, shiny skin and dilated pores are a thing of the past.  Specific skincare with a proven effectiveness and a high tolerance is able to make oily skin more beautiful day after day.

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Crème Pur Équilibre

Re-balancing Shin-free Cream 50ml £36.00

Contains four specific controls for oily skin; re-balances, regulates oiliness, purifies and soothes due to the sebo-regulator complex

  • Instantly provides a matt finish
  • Tightens dilated pores
  • Recreates a natural radiance
  • Long lasting make-up hold


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 Cover touch

Imperfection Concealer15ml £21.00

 Dries and directly treats and conceals imperfections.

  •  Ideally tinted formular that totally conceals spots and imperfections
  • The face appears smoother and the skin healthier

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Reverses the logic of excess sebaceous secretions. 50ml £42.50

Acts on the hyper-secretion of sebaceous glands and, thanks to ACNICIDINE,controls the microbial flora that causes blemishes, inflammation and irritation on acne-prone skin.

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Masque Pur Equilibre

Pure BalanceTreatment Mask 50ml £47.75

A double-action product to treat oily skin.  With its exfoliating action, it unblocks pores, while the mask absorbs excess sebaceous secretions

  • Tightens dilated pores
  • Refines the skin''s surface texture
  • Unifies the complexion and gives it new radiance


Guinot has announced the launch of its new concealer, Cover Touch, available this month. The multi-tasking treatment concealer immediately camouflages and treats any concerns, suitable for every skin type and condition. With its light-weight formula and hygienic applicator, the skin is able to breathe while the product adapts to the individual's complexion. £21.00

  • Corrects and unifies the complexion with a universal shade that adapts to each skin tone.
  • Has a natural finish thanks to the optimal cover of mineral pigments.
  • Regulates excess sebum, which causes blemishes.
  • Lets the skin breathe, ridding the pores of excess sebum.

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