In 2005 Infinity Beauty introduced Lycon Precision Wax to our waxing menu. Lycon Precision Wax contains natural and soothing ingredients leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth. Using Lycon wax pre- and post-oils and lotions together with expertly trained Lycon Therapists we guarantee a professional waxing treatment every time.

Lycon Hot Wax

Used at a lower working temperatures, Lycon hot wax is excellent for treating the most delicate of areas without causing discomfort or irritation.

Ladies Waxing Treatments

Lip wax                           £10.00

Chin wax                         £10.00

Lip & Chin wax                £14.50

Eyebrow Wax                  £10.00

Underarm Wax                £15.50

Bikini Wax                       £18.50

Californian                       £25.00

Brazillian Wax                  £33.50

Hollywood Wax                £34.50

Lycon Cartridge Wax

LYCON’s Disposable Cartridge Wax removes hair as short as 2mm, with an optimised leak-resistant cartridge formula, superior glide and a non-sticky finish. An extremely hygienic method of strip wax.

With the soothing and nourishing benefits of Virgin Olive Oil and Sweet Almond Oil. This special blend of natural ingredients effectively comforts skin, and grips short and stubborn hairs. Ideal for larger areas, wax is removed with a traditional strip.

Half Leg Wax                   £21.50

Thigh Wax                       £24.50

Full Leg                             £32.50

Forearm                           £17.50

Full Arm                            £21.50

Combination Wax Treatments

Using Lycon Hot Wax for the bikini area and Lycon Cartridge Wax for the legs, the following treatments are discounted when booked together:

Full Leg & Bikini                £43.00

Full Leg & Californian     £50.00

Full Leg & Brazilian          £58.00

Full Leg & Hollywood      £59.00

Mens Waxing Treatments.

Back Wax                         £26.50

Chest Wax                       £26.50

Eyebrows                         £10.00

Tips for Getting the Best out of your waxing treatments


  • Exfoliate prior to appointment
  • Avoid a solarium or sunbathing 24 hours before waxing
  • Trim hair if necessary prior to bikini waxing


  • Do not have a hot shower or bath 24 hours after waxing
  • Avoid any further heat treatments on the waxed area for 24 hours
  • Avoid a solarium  or sunbathing for 24 hours after waxing
  • Exfoliate 3 days after waxing to reduce ingrown hairs
  • Use Lycon Ingrow X-it to eliminate the appearance or lumps, bumps and ingrown hairs.

Ingrown X-It 125ml £14.90

Is the latest product from LYCON to help clear, soothe and minimise nasty ingrown hairs, blemishes and shaving rash after any hair removal. With Salicylic Acid (BHA), Lactic Acid (AHA), Allantoin, Arnica and Lemon Tea Tree in a unique synergistic ratio, INGROWN-X-IT™ quickly delivers unsurpassed benefits.

INGROWN-X-IT™ exfoliates, decongests and helps minimise the appearance and discomfort of ingrown hairs, while it moisturizes and soothes angry looking red spots.

Great applied straight after waxing in the salon and for clients to use at home in between hair removal treatments.

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