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Manicures Liverpool

The popularity of nail treatments that can be incorporated into manicures and hand treatments has grown in recent years. This may be down to the amount of tips and ideas that get shown on social media, live video chat, and so on.

People like to have their nails kept in good condition for work in an office, especially in reception areas, dealing directly with clients. Those that work in care/nursing, may feel they need regular manicures.  In order to give their hands the tender loving care they need after using water excessively on their hands or when using alcohol gels to keep their hands clean and bacteria free. If you work in Liverpool, and are looking for a beauty salon that can provide treatments that can fit into your busy schedule, Infinity Beauty Salon may be the place for you.

Infinity Beauty Salon

In Liverpool City Centre, there is a salon, Infinity Beauty, that can offer you a professional manicure treatment. They offer a range of beauty treatments that will leave you feeling fabulous. Manicures are ideal when you’re are going on holiday, a special occasion or as part of your normal beauty regime.

Manicures make an ideal gift for a friend, partner, mother, daughter, etc. Although, full body massage is delightful, and facials are relaxing, good manicures is a must.  Infinity manicures include cuticle care and nail shaping, hand & arm massage and an application of nail colour completes your pamper session.

Infinity Beauty Salon in Liverpool have several different manicures to choose from. French manicures have always been a popular choice for our customers, a classic manicure, finished with a French polish. Gels are becoming increasingly popular around Britain and Liverpool is, as always, right on trend.  An OPI gel colour treatment is available for both fingers and toes.

How to Contact Infinity Beauty Salon

For more information of beauty packages that include our heavenly manicures, please go to the website  Get a taste of the luxury at our pamper and treatment rooms.  Visit us at India Buildings, 3-5 Drury Lane, Liverpool, L2 0SD or call 0151 236 8545, to book an appointment.

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