Manicures Merseyside

Manicures Merseyside

Sometimes you really do just need to treat yourself, and this year that’s truer than ever! Looking good and feeling good often go hand in hand.  When it comes to our hands, it is important to keep them looking and feeling good too.  Manicures on Merseyside are a very popular salon treatment.
Every day we use our hands for everything we do.  If we don’t look after them carefully, they can start to look and feel worn out. This year especially they have been bombarded with harsh alcohol hand sanitisers and antibacterial washing much more often, and we have become a lot more aware of hand cleanliness and what we touch.

So, with our hands being the champions they are, how do we give them a well-deserved treat? Of course, there is only one right answer: by treating them to professional manicures! Merseyside and Liverpool residents have probably already heard of the best beauty salon in Liverpool city centre.   The oasis of beauty and calm that is Infinity Beauty at India Buildings on Drury Lane.
Infinity Beauty’s professional manicures, Merseyside, are a relaxing and rejuvenating journey for your hands.

Infinity Beauty Salon Liverpool

The team of highly skilled beauticians use OPI products and nail varnishes to clean, pamper and then paint your nails. The manicures include more than just nail treatment, they leave your whole hand feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and relaxed. Infinity Beauty’s manicures include nail shaping, tidying and cleaning the cuticles.  A relaxing hand massage and a choice of nail polish to finish the whole experience.
The Merseyside beauty salon also provides French manicures. This includes the same as their original manicures, but with a French polish application for deep shine and a classic, refined nail finish. These are perfect for people who want manicures to leave their hands feeling and looking refreshed and refined. There is no more invigorating and relaxing treatment for the hand then professional manicures. Merseyside and Liverpool’s Infinity Beauty provide a whole range of highest quality treatments and options, not just their excellent manicures. Merseyside residents who want a treat can pick from OPI gel colour nails in a vibrant range of shades, pedicures, Guinot facials, Lycon waxing, St Tropez spray tanning, and eye treatments.
The team of beauticians in the biggest city in Merseyside have been providing an exhaustive list of treatments and pamper packages since 1998, and they have definitely earned their place. A quick internet search for ‘manicures Merseyside’ will always bring you back to the definitive Infinity Beauty. Whether you want your hands photo ready for a wedding or special event, or if you just want them to feel clean and refreshed as you go about your day.  Personalised pedicures and hand treatments will leave your hands feeling fit and ready for anything, and looking even better.

Contact Infinity Beauty

To make an appointment or for more information, contact the friendly team of specialists.  Visit Infinity Beauty Salon at India Buildings, 3-5 Drury Lane, Liverpool L2 0SD.  Alternatively through their website  or email Whether you need a lunchtime pamper or a full body massage, Infinity Beauty is the place for you!

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