Pedicures Merseyside

Pedicures Merseyside

Whatever it is we do for work, education or in our spare time, our feet can really do a lot of hard work in a day. Whether they are chauffeuring you around your workplace, dressed up in those high heels that were just to die for, or propelling you around the tennis court at the weekend.  Your feet are literally carrying you through everything you do!
Considering how much they put up with as dedicated and hard working members of the human body, it is sad how little they get looked after. For most people the best they offer those hard working toes are a pair of worn out slippers at the end of the day. The truth is though, that our feet need looking after. In fact, the more you look after your feet, the better they look after you! Only recently I was left unable to walk for two weeks because I had failed to give my hard working feet the care and attention they need. Bad work shoes, too much high-impact exercise and not enough tender loving care left them unusable until they recovered.
What’s the answer? One of the best ways to keep your feet relaxed and happy is to book in at a good quality beauty salon for regular pedicures. Merseyside residents will probably already recognize the name ‘Infinity Beauty’.  The stunning salon and treatment centre is located at India Buildings on Drury Lane, Liverpool.

Infinity Beauty Salon Liverpool

Pedicures are great for the feet because they relax and refresh the complex matrix of muscles and sinews that make up the foot, and leave the feet looking and feeling clean, relaxed and ready to work again. But what is involved in professional pedicures?
Merseyside and Liverpool’s Infinity Beauty provide pedicures that start with a warm and relaxing footbath to get the muscles and joints to relax and to get the feet clean. The pedicures specialist then carefully works over the nails and nail beds. The health of the toenails is essential to the wellbeing of the entire foot.  Good pedicures include trimming and shaping the nails, and tidying the cuticles. Infinity Beauty’s pedicures, Merseyside, then use an exfoliator to remove dead and hardened skin from around the toes, heel and side of the foot.   This helps with posture and comfort. Finally, the pedicures end with a foot and lower leg massage which loosens knots of tension in the calf and heel and relaxes bunched muscles in the arch and front of the foot. If you would like the beautician can then finish by applying nail polish after your pedicures.

Merseyside’s Infinity Beauty also provide French pedicures which use French polish to leave the toenails looking glossy and healthy.
Our bodies are worth looking after, and that applies to our feet as well. For the best pedicures Merseyside has to offer, you should contact Infinity Beauty for more information and to make your booking. The team also offer more than just pedicures. They also offer manicures, massages and a whole range of other treatments.

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