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Eye and lip care is important to overall skincare.  The eyes, lip and neck are sensitive and fragile areas that are particularly affected by ageing.  Just like the face, these areas require regular, specific care.

Guinot Crème Longue Vie ( Lifting Eye Cream) minimise the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.  It also smooths and refreshes the eyelids and eye contour.

Guinot Cre Eye Fresh is a refreshing cream for dark circles and puffiness, which instantly brightens and refreshes the eyes.  It combats eye puffiness and dark circles, with its refreshing applicator and detoxifying active ingredients.  It tones and reduces excess fluid in the eye contour area.

Masque Yeux Age Logic is an eye mask for wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles.  It smooths wrinkles and fine lines and lifts the eye contour area.  It helps to reduce puffiness and minimise dark circles.

Masque Anti-Fatigue Yeux is a smoothing refreshing mask.  A refreshing gel that instantly revitalises, diminishes the appearance of dark circles and rejuvenates the appearance of the eyes.

Baume Longue Vie Levres is a volume enhancing youth balm.  It smooths fine lines in the lip contour.  Helps lipstick to stay on longer.

Baume Confort Levres is a soothing protective balm.  It intensely nourishes dry lip.  Helps protects lips from environmental irritants.  It also enhances lip and restores tonicity and comfort.

Crème Longue Vie Cou (firming youth cream) rejuvenated the appearance of the neck and minimises dark spots.

Using the correct products for your eye and lip care will give you the results you are looking for.

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