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Formulated with a natural yet fragrant blend of essential oils.  The sustainable line of Spongology is designed to provide a rich all-in-one body treatment to every inch of your body.

Experience this sustainable collection made with skin-softening, natural ingredients and essential oil fragrance.

Spongology by Spongellé range includes:

  • Back Buffers – For a full body cleanse, discover our fragrant biodegradable back buffers, which effectively nourish and rejuvenate those hard to reach places.
  • Body Buffers – These eco-friendly Body Wash Infused Buffers are formulated with skin softening natural ingredients and extracts . This All-in-One Beauty Treatment will cleanse, exfoliate, massage and tone.
  • Travel Buffers – Spongology’s Eco-friendly Body Wash Infused Travel Buffer is the perfect gym bag or on the go essential. Exfoliate, cleanse, massage and tone. with amazing scents, wherever you are.
  • Contouring Glove – A game changer! These unique body wash infused gloves are enriched with natural skin toning ingredients to increase skin firmness whilst cleansing, nourishing and dehydrating the skin.
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