Cream Silk Pillowcase

by This Is Silk


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Cream Silk Pillowcase by This Is Silk is a superior grade of silk pillowcase in the gentlest shade of softest cream.  It is the natural, undyed colour of the pillowcase which is eternally classic.  It will blend in seamlessly with other colours and add a softly glamorous touch to your bedroom. And of course, you’ll have 8 hours beauty treatment every time you lie down to sleep.

At a glance:

  • 22 momme silk, thicker and more lustrous than lower quality silks
  • Helps with fine lines and sleep creases on your face caused by cotton pillows
  • Calms frizz and prevents unmanageable bedhead
  • Free of harmful dyes and products, making it particularly good for sensitive skin
  • Packaged in a beautiful box you will love


Cream Silk Pillowcase by This Is Silk is 75 cm x 50 cm; a standard size.

Caring For Your Pillowcase:

Washing by Hand:

  •  It is better to wash Silk by hand, rather than in the machine.
  •  Use a Detergent suitable for Silk
  •  Dry Silk flat away from direct sunlight.

Washing by Machine:

  • Please see washing recommendations printed on your box
  • Use a laundry mesh bag to stop damage by friction – this is because every contact with rougher surfaces will affect the smoothness of the Silk
  •  Dry Silk flat away from direct sunlight.
  • Don’t use fabric conditioners as they leave a thin coating on the silk
  • Don’t tumble dry  – it’s not necessary (silk dries quickly) and creates friction, damaging the silk.



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