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Spray Tanning Liverpool

St Tropez Spray Tanning Liverpool that can be offered in techniques better suited to you.   The shade and depth is tailor made to your personal choice, colouring and style, means it looks just as natural as a real tan. Liverpool has an extremely popular beauty salon called Infinity Beauty.  They can provide you with a beautiful choice of treatments that can give you the look your after.  Plus they give you that gorgeous pampered feeling that we all enjoy when visiting a beauty salon.

Spray Tan at Infinity Beauty

A St Tropez Spray tan offers a flawless, natural sun-kissed tan without the harmful and ageing effects of UV rays. It’s not an automated booth, so your therapist will make sure you leave with an even, streak free natural looking tan!

At our beauty salon and treatment rooms in Liverpool there is plenty to choose from. When your customer base is as varied as ours, we make our treatments varied as well, giving each session spent in our salon, that tailor made, exclusive feel.

The St Tropez spray tanning treatment takes just 15 minutes, making it the perfect spray tan to have when you are short on time. St Tropez uses Aromaguard technology that helps reduce the tell tale scent of a spray tan.  This means, apart from your new healthy glow, no one later will know you have had a treatment.

Infinity Beauty, Liverpool has two different tanning solutions for you to choose from: St Tropez Classic or Express.

Classic – a gorgeous, golden tan.

Express – lets you select how dark you want to go by choosing when you shower.  Develops after 3 hours.

All our spray tan treatments include disposable hats, footwear and underwear to give a truly professional feel. The spray tan treatment only takes 15minutes and is quick drying, so perfect for a busy schedule or a lunch hour treat

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