Spray Tanning Merseyside

Spray Tanning Merseyside

Spray tanning Merseyside? Okay, so because of one thing and another, I haven’t been abroad for ages. Don’t get me wrong, I love Merseyside and I am a true ‘Liver Bird’, from my pedicure all the way to my platinum extensions.  But to be totally honest, one thing the ‘Pool of Life’ doesn’t get much of is sunshine.  I need at least one week a year to lie on a beach, drink margaritas and read a good book.

I love travelling, seeing the world and drinking in other cultures. It’s one of the things that makes Liverpool and Merseyside so awesome.  It has always been a vibrant and mixed population bursting with different languages, foods and cultures.

I know it sounds bad though, but the thing I miss most about an exotic holiday is coming back with a tan to make the girls in the office green with envy. This year though, I look like an extra in a period drama who turned up in the wrong outfit. I am as pale as a bucket of whitewash and about as happy with my reflection at the moment. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy in my skin but there is so little to celebrate at the moment, I decided to do something about it.

I decided the answer was spray tanning! The only time I get dressed up these days is only ever for a zoom call. I spend the next few hours seeing my washed-out face gurning in the bottom corner of the screen.  So I might as well glow while I do it!

Yes, spray tanning is the answer!

Infinity Beauty

So, I decided to book! Infinity Beauty Salon, India Buildings, 3-5 Drury Lane in Liverpool booked me for an emergency spray tanning. Merseyside has its fair share of spray tanning centres (the total lack of sunshine we mentioned earlier, remember?) but Infinity Beauty is definitely my favourite. I found it by searching ‘spray tanning, Merseyside’ on the internet, and I haven’t looked back since!

They got me booked in for my spray tanning over the phone, and I headed over for my appointment a few days later. The weather was so cold and wet it might have well still been January.  But the spray tanning parlour and beauty salon was, as usual, a haven of warmth and luxury. This might sound weird, but it just smells so good when you go in.  I must ask them what room diffusers they are using because they are scrummy!

I went on a lunchbreak because it only takes 15 minutes for the spray tanning treatment, but I am so glad I did. The Spray tanning specialist was lovely, and they gave me all disposable underwear and hat which was a nice touch. If you are looking for professional spray tanning, Merseyside or Liverpool, I suggest you try Infinity Beauty. I love my new spray tanning; I am literally glowing with happiness at the result!

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