Waxing Liverpool

Waxing Liverpool

Looking for a Lycon waxing Liverpool salon?  Treatments of Hot and warm waxing at Liverpool’s Infinity Beauty Salon in the city centre, offers professional service every time.

There are a lot of methods of hair removal, but waxing in Liverpool is one of the best for many reasons. The most important is that you will see less regrowth of hair in between appointments.  As hair is pulled out from the root, the skin stays smoother longer, then if you use a razor as it is cut it off at the skin’s surface. Waxing means your hair has to regenerate from the follicle and grow all the way up to the skin’s surface before you need to wax again. Typically this lasts for about three to four weeks.

You will also see your hair grow back finer and sparser if you get regular waxing. Waxing tears the hair out, which damages the hair follicle. A weaker hair follicle will produce finer and sparser hair over time.

Waxing not only removes the hair, but it also removes the top layer of skin, which is the dead skin that is ready to come off your body. Your skin will get a gentle exfoliation that will leave it feeling smoother and brighter.  Exfoliate a few days after waxing to prevent ingrown hairs, so your skin will continue to benefit as you follow the recommended guidelines.

Waxing V Shaving

Repeated shaving leads to chronic skin inflammation because of the friction from the razor. Discolouration can also happen if the skin starts to develop a change in thickness due to the increased inflammation. Waxing reduces the irritation and thus reduces the inflammations and discolouration.

Waxing also eliminates the problem with nicks and cuts caused by shaving. Your skin is less exposed to this damage when you use waxing. It will also be less itchy and prickly. When hair emerges from the skin, it feels prickly and itchy. Since the hair takes much longer to surface, there is much less itchiness with waxing.

Waxing may reduce the number of ingrown hairs that occur. Red bumps can be irritating and annoying, yet they can be greatly reduced by waxing, even if you are prone to getting them.  During your treatment, your hair is pulled out quickly whilst you skin is held taut, therefore ingrown hairs are less likely. Exfoliation and moisturiser after waxing can help reduce the occurrence of ingrown hairs even more.

Waxing at Infinity Beauty Salon Liverpool

At Infinity Beauty Salon, we offer many different waxing services to help you feel your best. We use Lycon Precision Wax to guarantee a professional waxing experience every appointment. The natural and soothing ingredients leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. We also use pre- and post-oils and lotions to add even more comfort to your experience. Lycon wax is used at a lower temperature for our clients comfort, even when treating delicate areas.

We offer waxing treatments for upper lips, chin, eyebrow, and underarms. Intimate waxing; Hollywood wax, Brazilian wax, Californian/g-string wax and standard Bikini wax, is extremely popular at Infinity Beauty. We also offer lower leg, thigh, full leg, forearm, and full arm waxes. In addition we offer waxing for men’s backs, chests, or eyebrows. You can save even more when you book several areas together in one appointment.

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