Different Styles of Bikini Wax

So What Are the Different Styles of Bikini Wax

Confused about the different waxing styles for a bikini wax?  We though it would be helpful if we broke it down for you.  If you are unsure what is best for you, please ask your therapist at Infinity Beauty for guidance.  We are always happy to help!

The Basic Bikini Wax

Imagine if you were wearing a standard pair of briefs, all hair is removed around the area that falls outside.

Californian/Extended Bikini/ G-String

This is higher than a basic bikini wax.  It is not intimate wax, for example a Hollywood or a Brazilian, but it is the hair that would fall outside a classic g-string.  We would usually recommend you wear the disposable briefs provided.

Brazilian Wax

By most people’s definition of the Brazilian, all hair is removed from underneath (Labia included), your butt and most of the front.  Usually the hair left on the front is a sort of rectangle (or landing-strip) shape, but feel free to ask your therapist for more of a triangle or a postage stamp if you prefer!


A Hollywood wax is all hair removed from the front and back of the bikini area.


Always follow the aftercare advice from your therapist to ensure you get long-lasting results.  Lycon waxing aftercare products are available to purchase both in salon and online.

Things to remember

  • there is no right or wrong choice – choose what you are most comfortable with
  • at the end of your treatment, always check the area, to ensure all the requested hair is removed.
  • It is commonplace to be asked to remove your underwear if you are having a Brazilian or Hollywood, but a lot of therapists will allow you to keep them on (or supply paper pants) if you’re just having a tidy up.
  • please understand if you opt to have more hair removed than the style you selected, the cost will increase if it goes into the next treatment areas.
  • Follow the aftercare advice –  24-48 hours: no exercise/sweating, no heat exposure, no hot shower/bath, no perfumed products, no touching, no tight clothing.

For further advice regarding your waxing treatment please contact us at Infinity Beauty Salon Liverpool.

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