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Scentered is a 100% natural aromatherapy brand whose aim is to support wellbeing.   We use essential oils to address most commonly cited issues that affect wellbeing, to reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, encourage positivity and promote a sense of calm control. Our unique compact, solid balms are created for use on the go whenever and wherever needed, providing easy to use, portable solutions to support everyday life. Scentered’s products range from aromatherapy balms, home candles, bath & body and accessories, all of which enable a personalised self care experience that creates a positive daily wellbeing routine.

Scentered “Stop. Inhale. Reset.” Wellbeing Ritual is about taking mindful moments for yourself throughout your busy day and using scent as a mental trigger to transition to your desired mind state. When shifting from one desired mind state to another, apply our balms to your pulse points, light our candles, or use our bath and body products and inhale deeply
while thinking about how you want to feel in the next moment. Repeat throughout your daily journey, navigating between our six unique blends to support your mindful transitions.

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