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Dehydrated Skin that is properly moistuised, radiant, toned and beautiful.  A long-lasting moisture balance can be maintained using innovative active ingredients such as Hydrocyte Liposomes, Hydroplasma or Hydrocyte complex.  Moisturising skincare restores softness and tonicity to the skin whilst increasing moisture.

Guinot Crème Hydra Beaute is a moisturising cream that rehydrates skin.  It helps build the skin’s protective film to prevent evaporation and retain moisture.  It reduces the feeling or tightness and dryness, and protects and softens.

Guinot Crème Fluid Hydrazone is a moisturising cream for the day and night.  It is an intensely moisturising cream for normal/dehydrated skin.  It ensures continuous and intense hydration, maintains water deep in the epidermis whilst forming a protective film to prevent evaporation.

Guinot Crème Hydra FinishSPF15 is a moisturising complexion-enhancing cream.  Mallow extract provides long-lasting moisture and it protects the skin from UV rays.  It evens and enhances the complexion with Encapsulated Pigments that adapt to every skin tone.

Guinot Masque Hydra Beaute is an instant moisture and radiance mask.  It instantly moisturises, restoring softness and tonicity leaving skin rehydrated, refreshes and revitalised.

Main ingredients in this range are

  • Hydrocyte Complex.  this powerful moisturising complex with Hyaluronic Acid stems from Guinot research.  It binds water to the cells in a sustainable manner and slows evaporation.
  • Mallow Extract.  Rich in mucilage (plant substances that restore water), mallow has exceptional moisturising and emollient properties.  This extract also contains Vitamin C, which revitalises the energy function of skin cells.

Guinot moisturising skincare restores softness and tonicity to the skin and increases hydration.

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